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You’re moving where?!

September 6, 2016 3 Comments

My No Objection Certificate (NOC) FINALLY arrived- after 8 weeks of waiting- and I have sent off all my other documents along with my passport to the Kuwaiti embassy in Pretoria. It will hopefully be returned with the visa sticker in my passport (fingers crossed nothing goes wrong as this is literally the last step of a too-long journey). Gosh the Kuwaiti working visa is a MISSION.


I have sold all of my furniture, installed some tenants in my apartment and am just counting down the days where I can get on that plane and jet out of here. Its also been hard to tell people that I am leaving without having a departure date being set so hopefully I will receive a ticket soon after the visa is in my passport. Ever since I started telling people that I am moving to Kuwait, I have been getting mixed responses such as:


“You are going to love it! I LOVED Dubai the last time I was there!”

That’s great but what does that have to do with Kuwait? You do realise that the Middle East is not just one giant country with Dubai as its capital?


“Are you sure? I mean you’re going to have to adjust to not driving and only exposing your eyes!”

Actually I’m not… Please ask before you make assumptions.


“But why? What will you eat there?”

Food I hope.



“Kuwait… Is that near Australia?”

“No, its in the Middle East.”

“So near New Zealand then?”

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.30.13

“You’re so lucky!”

Yes I am so fortunate that this job just happened to land in my lap without me applying or interviewing for it (and many others).


“But they’re so oppressive there… it’s illegal to wear make up in Kuwait you know.”

Hmm… Tell that to these ladies.


“Aren’t people dying there?”

Well… people die everywhere.


“Congratulations…I am so happy for you! I hope you have a great time!”

Thank you! I plan on having a great time!


I understand that people are curious but their blatant lack of knowledge is somewhat astounding. Anyway, I too am so curious about so many things such as:

How expensive are things actually in Kuwait? According the super reliable internet, Kuwait is 68% more expensive than South Africa!


What does 50 degrees Celsius actually feel like? And how does it compare to the tropical African humidity of 35 degrees that I am used to?


Can I get Cadbury’s chocolate in Kuwait? Or do I have to make do with Hershey’s like in Korea?


Is there crime in Kuwait and will I feel safe especially if I am going out alone?


And seriously… what do people do for fun in Kuwait?



I am definitely going to be answering all of these questions, and more, in future blog posts.


I am a whole jumble of emotions right now from anxious (about teaching kindergarten) to excited (about traveling somewhere new) to sad (to leave my friends, family and husband behind). But most of all, I just can’t wait to get my adventure started.



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  • markanthonymonzon December 7, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Great post! Thanks for sharing

  • phillygirl77 January 23, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    And the best question of all… WHY? Duh, Why not?

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