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Visiting Dashbashi Canyon

Finding information about visiting this Dashbashi Canyon was very difficult or conflicting. This is how we did it when I travelled in May 2021. The site is changing all the time due to ongoing construction so be careful and vigilant of your surroundings.

The trail starts from this hotel and the sign adjacent to it.

Here is the Google Maps link we followed:

DO NOT attempt to drive your car down the trail. Someone did this while we were there and they had to be towed out by a tractor.

This is what the trail looks like

From the top of the trail, as you progress down, you will see the waterfalls in the distance below you. The trail is pretty clear cut so you won’t get lost if you follow the winding road. However it is quite steep and if you’re there in summer, it can be extremely hot.

As you get closer to the river, follow the path until they lead you to the waterfalls. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle so you can fill it from the natural spring.

Filling my bottle at the spring!

You can get into the water but its icy! While these photos look pretty, my lower limbs were numb. Still worth it though!

There’s some construction going on in the area so be careful of nails, pipes and other debris lying around. There are no facilities like bathrooms or tables in the area so be aware when planning your day.

We went back the same way we arrived and upon arrival back at the start of the trail, a man told us that visiting the canyon is actually prohibited now. We were both surprised and confused as it was two Georgian men who led us down to the canyon in the first place!

Do note that this destination is not for the mobility impaired or for very young children (under 10). Please wear footwear for mountain climbing (something with good grip) and take a trash bag to clean up after yourself as there are no bins. 

Other blog posts mention seeing a church and/or a hydroelectric plant along the way. We saw neither of these things. I’m unsure if there is another starting point to this trail.

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For more information & other route options you can visit this post and this post. Please leave a comment below if you’ve visited Dashbashi Canyon, know of an alternate route or simply would like to visit in the future!

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