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Zanzibar is part of Tanzania and thus, follows the immigration & covid policies of Tanzania.

I am linking my comprehensive guide to planning a trip to Zanzibar including accommodation options, navigation advice & my itinerary. If you would like a behind the scenes look at what I got up to in Zanzibar, please consult my Zanzibar highlight on Instagram!

Background information: I have a South African passport with a valid Qatar ID and received 2 doses of the vaccine in April 2021. Please check the exact requirements for your nationality by confirming with the Tanzanian embassy. This post was accurate & true based on my experiences traveling in June 2021.

ANY and ALL nationalities can enter Tanzania.

There are no restrictions on where you are flying from with the exception of India- flights from India have been suspended for the time being.

All travellers have to fill in an online Traveler’s Surveillance Form available at within 24 hours before arrival to Tanzania.

Covid & Vaccine Requirements for Zanzibar

In order to enter Tanzania and avoid a 14 day quarantine, you will need a negative PCR test result printed. The test must have been administered 72 hours before arrival.

No covid vaccination is necessary at this time.

All businesses are operating and there is no curfew.

Yellow fever vaccination is only mandatory if you have travelled through endemic yellow fever zones. The full list of those countries can be found here.


South African passport holders DO NOT require a visa to enter Tanzania.

For the full list of countries that require/ don’t require a visa please. click here for the official Tanzanian immigration website.

Most other nationalities are able to obtain a 50USD visa on arrival. But I STRONGLY recommend using the Tanzanian eVisa Website to pay & apply in advance as you will save yourself time and effort upon arrival.

Getting a PCR test done in Zanzibar

A PCR test is not required to exit Tanzania however, many countries- like Qatar- now require a negative PCR test result before returning and upon arrival. 

The cost of a PCR test in Tanzania is 80USD. You will book the test and pay for it online. The official website to do this is linked here. There are 3 public testing centers in Zanzibar- choose the one closest to your accommodation. Click on the names to take you the Google Maps link.

Tasakhtaa Global Hospital– Stone Town

Migombani Health Centre– Stone Town

Makunduchi Health Center– Paje, Bwejuu, Jambiani

You should go 96 hours before you fly. This is because the samples go from Zanzibar to the lab in Dar Es Salaam. The lab is closed on the weekends. IT TAKES TIME so please budget for this. You will not be able to book a test if you have less than 48 hours until you fly.

You require:

-Your passport

-Your printed appointment confirmation letter

If you were able to book the appointment without paying, go back into the website and using your details, view your application. An option to pay should appear.

After you take the test (which was quick & painless at Makunduchi), the results are emailed to you. You just print them and take them to the airport for validation. There is a desk at the airport dedicated for this.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO BACK AND COLLECT THEM IN PERSON.

Returning to Qatar

Only for Qatar residents returning to Doha-

If you’re returning to Qatar, print your exceptional entry permit (you will receive the SMS as soon as you depart Doha) to have when checking in for your flight back to Qatar. Coming back ‘home’ was smooth with these items as well as my QID. At Hamad International Airport, follow the queue for vaccinated individuals and remember to provide proof of the vaccine. This can be your downloaded vaccination certificate or your vaccination card. 

PCR testing at Hamad International has now ceased.

If you are not vaccinated, you will need a hotel booking unless you are medically exempt and are eligible for the 7 day home quarantine.

Please leave a comment below if any of this information has changed so I can update this page!

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