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Applying for a tourist visa to visit Egypt in Doha, Qatar

Lots of nationalities require a pre approved visa before they enter Egypt. For South Africans, the required documents are simple, the time you spend at the embassy depends on how many others are there.

 Give yourself TEN DAYS before you need to travel when applying for this visa.



-Copy of passport information page

-Copy of QID

-Salary certificate/proof of employment

One photo taken against a white background (no size speciation was given so I submitted one that I used for my Schengen Visa)

-Visa application form (obtained from embassy on the day)


  • Gather the first 5 documents and head to the Egyptian embassy in Doha. They are open every weekday from 10am- 2pm I believe. 
  • Park outside the embassy complex. Google Maps will try to take you inside the complex but you cannot enter. Parking near the opposite mosque is best.
  • Get on the bus that drops you off at the various embassies. They will announce the name of each embassy so keep your ears open.  Once inside, first get a number from the person handing them out. 
  • Next, find a visa application form, which is on the top shelf of all the other forms there. Fill it out in English (bring your own pen, there are no pens there). 
  •  Head out of the building and into the adjacent building. Wait for your number to be called. There is only one person to deal with visas and the queue is often long. 
  • After submission of your documents, you will receive a slip of paper telling you to come back for collection in a week.

You do not need a hotel booking/flight confirmation/no objection letter.

For South Africans, the visa is FREE if you apply directly through the embassy yourself.

To read about my 10 day suggested itinerary when visiting Egypt, click here.

Please leave a comment below if your experience was different!

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