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Saturday afternoon: picnic & Pokemon

August 13, 2016 1 Comment

As I tumble deeper into the abyss of visa documentation, tying up loose ends at my current job and trying to cram my life into two suitcases (more details in the next blog post), its difficult to find time to have some ME time and savour the fact that I won’t be in my home country for the foreseeable future. Expat fox and I will be apart for a time while he looks for a job in Kuwait and with everything thats going on, we really aren’t spending much quality time together. So, knowing that my time is limited and budget tight, I tried looking for something out of the ordinary that we could do together, just for a few hours.(It’s also hard when you’ve done everything in your budget already!) I stumbled upon this company, Ama-Zing Events, that creates customised picnics based on the occasion and people involved. Normally I am a DIY queen and love to craft and make things (I am sure my family is shuddering, thinking of all the things I made them cut, glue and create for my wedding) but as I said, there aren’t enough hours in a day for me right now.


I contacted Zaheeda from Ama-Zing Events a week before I wanted to have the picnic with my fingers crossed that they would be able to accommodate me. As luck would have it, they had the date free and we liaised back and forth until we settled on a theme, style and venue. She sent me a questionnaire and once I filled it out, she began brainstorming and I left her to it and went off to Pretoria to sort out some boring visa documents.

On the day, I had to lie to Fox and convince him that we were going to catch Pokemon in the park… he seemed confused at the large basket of food I was taking but didn’t question me about it as he knows that a hungry wife means a miserable life!

When we arrived we were blown away by the gorgeousness of the setup and the attention to detail in every item. Words won’t do any justice here, so its time to let pictures take over…

Our first impression when we arrived… WOW!
A memory board created with pics of us over the last 11 years… read those captions!
Photo 2016-08-13, 14 41 37
Jet Fuel (Mango Juice)
Yes its a cute little post box with customised postcards!
A close up of the postcards… notice the ‘Kuwaiti’ stamps!
Even the cutlery sets were customised!
Photo 2016-08-13, 16 23 55
That cute house in the corner…


I also wanted to incorporate a few items that we would miss from South Africa when abroad… hence the fresh fruit and snacks.
Photo 2016-08-13, 15 44 02
Beautiful view from our picnic site
Photo 2016-08-13, 16 29 43
As the sun goes down…

Spending one-on-one time with your spouse is very important when it comes to keeping your relationship healthy and alive. It’s an investment that always pays back by increased happiness and well-being in your relationship and in your life… I think Expat Fox enjoyed his surprise very much and eventually we did catch some Pokemon in the park!



Contact them: If you want to get hold of Ama-Zing Events, find their Facebook page here. I actually stumbled across them on Instagram where their username is: @amazinggg_events. They do party decor and a whole host of other stuff so go on, send them a message!

Budget: Between R500-R1000. Speak to them about your options, they can advise you on what is best suited to your budget!

Note: I have not been paid to write this blog post nor was I offered anything in exchange for this review… I am merely sharing my experience of hiring this company.


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  • Ama-Zing Events August 14, 2016 at 7:16 am

    Thank you for the Amazing feature and allowing us to be part of your beautiful journey we really appreciate it 💟 Love the Ama-Zing Team

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