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Possible Interview Questions


Below is a list of possible questions you could get asked if you are being interviewed for teaching positions in the Middle East. I have complied this list from information I found online, friends’ experiences and questions I have been asked in interviews. Its not a comprehensive list (yet) and I would love for you to comment what you were asked so I can expand on this list.



  1. Why would you make a good candidate for teaching in the UAE/Qatar/Kuwait etc?


  1. What are your strengths as a teacher and how would they make you a good teacher for our school?


  1. What is one example of a difficult challenge you faced with a student(s) and how did you overcome it?


  1. What classroom teaching strategies/methods/approaches do you use in the classroom?


  1. How would you deal with a classroom of students with low English proficiency to high proficiency?


  1. What strategies do I use to ensure how all students are learning?


  1. Why do you want to teach in the Middle East/abroad?


  1. How do you prevent problem behaviour, and how do you manage it?


  1. What is your teaching philosophy?


  1. What experiences do you have that would make you an effective teacher?


  1. What would you do if a student didn’t want to learn? /How would I deal with students who may not understand the value of education?


  1. What does your classroom look like?


  1. What is your best lesson?


  1. What skills are you bringing to our school?


  1. How do you assess the students in your classroom?


  1. How would you communicate with non-English speaking parents?


  1. How would you differentiate instruction?


  1. What does rigor look like in your classroom?


  1. What do you know about Kuwait/ Qatar/UAE/Saudi Arabia and why does it appeal to you?


  1. How would you work with a local principal who doesn’t understand your teaching practice?


  1. If a parent who is friends with the principal argues over changing a student’s grade, how would you handle this?


  1. How would you respond to a parent who interrupts your class to talk to you about their child’s grade?

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