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Hiking to Duf Waterfall: Exploring Macedonia’s Beauty

March 12, 2024 No Comments

Nestled within the picturesque Mavrovo National Park, hiking to Duf Waterfall offers a delightful escape into nature’s embrace. The moderate hike, easily conquerable in around 40 minutes, leads you through a charming path alongside the Rostuša River.

Travelling in the Balkans often means that as an English speaker, you’re not going to find enough information to help guide your travels. While I did find out that there was a waterfall that existed, I could barely find useful information online to help me find it. This blog post contains all the information you need for hiking to Duf Waterfall in Macedonia. 

 How to find Duf Waterfall?

The easiest way to get to Duf Waterfall is to hire a car. This is what I did and I do not regret it. I did not see any buses or bus stops in the vicinity of the waterfall. 

The drive is an easy 2 hours from Skopje. You will use the highway (have money for tolls) for 50% of the drive and a windy narrow mountain road for the other 50%. All roads are tarred and are suitable for all cars. You can park your car and find the start of the trail near this sign:

There are two Google Maps pins labelled as Duf Waterfall. One is hopelessly wrong. The correct location pins are below:

The start of the trail and parking for your car

The waterfall itself

Thanks to Macedonia for 91 Days who provided the accurate location pins!

Hiking the trail to Duf Waterfall

The initial ascent from the village of Rostuša gets your heart pumping, but the gentle trail soon levels out, offering moments to soak in the fresh mountain air and the surrounding beauty. Something I appreciated was how clearly the trail was marked. For an area that seemed far off the tourist trail, there were plenty of markers around. Look out for these red and white markers: 

As you delve deeper, the path transforms into a scenic walk along the Rostuša Canyon. Towering rock walls and the gurgling river provide a refreshing counterpoint to the sun-dappled forest. Keep an eye out for interesting rock formations and vibrant plant life along the way. This is a simple, stress-free walk with gentle inclines and benches positioned along the trail.

There are plenty of beautiful spots to take photos- even on a rainy spring day- so allow yourself time. 

The true reward awaits at the end of the trail. The majestic Duf Waterfall, cascading down from a height of over 28 metres, is a breathtaking sight. The power of the water plunging into the pool below creates a mesmerising display of sound and mist.

What to wear when  hiking to Duf Waterfall?

The hike is rocky and slippery in many parts so please wear appropriate hiking footwear. I assume that when the weather is warmer, people may want to swim so swimwear might prove useful. 

Where to stay hiking to Duf Waterfall?

We stayed in skopje. I strongly recommend Sunlight Apartment– a modern 2 bedroom apartment with an amazing host. The property has parking and is well located in the city centre.

Last tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes with good grip, as the path can be slightly slippery in certain areas.
  • Bring water and snacks, especially if you plan to spend time enjoying the waterfall.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid venturing close to the waterfall’s edge.



 Hiking to Duf Waterfall in Macedonia is a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts and anyone seeking a rejuvenating escape. The combination of moderate exercise, stunning scenery, and the culminating reward of the waterfall makes it a worthwhile addition to any Macedonian adventure.

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