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Applying for a Police Check in Kuwait

A police check (also called a police clearance, criminal record or certificate of good conduct) is necessary for some travel visas and most work visas. If you live in Kuwait and require one from the Ministry of Interior then it is a relatively simple process. If you go via a mandoup (agent), you can expect to pay around 30-40KD. If you do it yourself, its costs  nothing other than an hour of your time to apply and 5 minutes to collect it.

This post is being written in May 2017 for those wondering how up to date this information is.

Documents needed are:

-Copy of civil ID

-Copy of passport information page

-Copy of residency permit in passport

-One passport sized photograph with a blue background

-Letter from embassy (optional)


Where to go:

It is VERY important that you go to the correct building (I spent a useless hour in the wrong place, just 5 minutes away).

The address is:

Department of Criminal Evidence
Ministry of the Interior
Farwaniya District, Kuwait
Telephone: +965-2434-6101 or +965-434-6101
Location: Al Dajeej area in front of Kuwait Airways building

This is the Google Maps link as it is a little confusing. Looks for the blue sign on the building that clearly says, “Department of Criminal Evidence” in English. Do not go to any building in Kuwait City or Salmiya. The office in Dhajeej is the only one that processes the police clearance certificates.


The procedure:

You will get directed through a little side entrance after you try to enter through the main doors. You will submit all of the above documents to the police officer on duty who will issue you a number. You should wait around 10 minutes (if it isn’t busy) and then your number will be called, someone will snap a picture of you , take your digital fingerprints and khalas, you’re done!

Keep the little piece of paper with the sticker and number that you are issued with in a safe place because you will need it (along with your civil ID) to collect your police clearance in a week’s time from the same place. It may even be ready sooner but I would give it an entire week just in case.


Last notes:

-You may be asked why you require it but it doesn’t seem like they turn anyone away.

-I went around 10:30 and it took me 30 minutes. The place opens at 9:00 and closes at 12:00. Even if they remain open past this time, they stop processing police clearances at 12. You can collect and apply anytime between their opening and closing time. The office is only open on weekdays.

-I had a letter from my embassy which they took, but they did not ask others for it which makes me think it is optional.

-I am 99% sure that you have to be the present if you are applying and that you cannot send someone else to do your fingerprints (Obviously).

– Collection is super easy; just show the slip of paper with the sticker on it along with your civil ID and you will get your blue certificate. I imagine they would help you even if you lost the slip of paper because your photo is on it and they can clearly see who you are!


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