About me

About me

Expat Panda is primarily a blog about what its like to:

  • Live as a woman in the Middle East
  • Teach full time and still be a travel blogger

But its also about someone who:

  • Travels with a third world passport
  • Is ethnically Asian
  • Has a nationality that is African
  • Lives on the brink of a few cultures
  • Is in an interracial relationship
  • Possesses a geographically unknown face & accent

I try to represent the brown female faces we hardly see hosting travel blogs; to reach out to the ethnically ambiguous and to dispel myths about travel and life in a supposedly ‘unsafe’ & ‘oppressive’ region.


This isn’t just a travel or expat blog, this is real life and in between. I began Expat Panda because I wanted to keep and share a record of my life and encourage other teachers to travel. The blog has since evolved and now presents raw perspective on a multitude of issues not faced by the average privileged travel blogger- from the racism I’ve had to endure to a divorce I had to go through.


Teaching, traveling, spicy food, photographing, pandas, eating, cycling, and making kids laugh are a few of my favorite things.


I wold love to connect, collaborate and chat so don’t be shy to comment or contact me to get in touch!

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