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5 Free sunset spots in Doha, Qatar

September 25, 2021 1 Comment

Sunset chaser: A traveler who spies a gorgeous display on the evening horizon, and, throwing all other thoughts aside, pursues a prime viewing location from which to photograph the sky. 

Many of us are sunset chasers and finding a good spot to watch a sunset is an integral part of any trip or adventure. Doha doesn’t lack good places to watch a sunset but sadly many of them are in hotels or restaurants which mean you have to spend money. But, fear not- Expat Panda has to come to the rescue with this guide to free sunset spots in Doha!  

Doha is a striking city – a glorious hodgepodge of modern architecture, punctuated by the Arabian Sea and lots of green spaces. But where do you go to see Doha at its very best? Scattered all over the city, these free sunset spots boast the best views in Doha – impressive panoramas that you won’t forget in a hurry. This itinerary will cover the best free sunset spots in Doha, helping you to make the best itinerary. It doesn’t matter if you are exploring Doha in winter, summer, autumn or spring, this city boasts beautiful orange and pink skies when the sun goes down.

MIA Park 

While the Museum of Islamic Art is probably the most well known building in Qatar- known for its impressive collection of Islamic art through the ages & spectacular architecture- not many people know about its adjoining park. It’s around the corner from the museum (literally) and has miles of green grassy hills. Once you walk up the hill, you’re afforded undoubtedly one of the best views of the city skyline. Coupled with the sunset and you have a winner for best view in Doha.

Tip: Hop on the free shuttle to take you to the water’s edge.

Google Maps Link:

Ponds at Hotel Park (Sheraton)

Another public space functioning as a park but also boasting an impressive view of the sun setting behind the skyscrapers of West Bay. The best viewing spot is in front of the water.

Its a somewhat underrated view but a very worthwhile one in my opinion. The best time to enjoy the sunset at this spot is around April/May. There are many food trucks in the area to complete your experience!

Boho Social

Although this is technically a restaurant within the Katara complex, you don’t actually need to enter the restaurant to see the sunset view. You can take the lift (back of the building) or the stairs (front of the building) and once you reach the top, the sun sets over the Katara complex making for a stunning view.

Tip: The restaurant itself is lovely though and worth a visit if you have the time & funds.


Qanat Quartier

It will be unlikely that visit Doha and don’t visit The Pearl. Qanat Quartier is The Pearl’s most colorful suburb and if you’re lucky, you can catch a vibrant sunset to match those pretty buildings.

Google Maps link

Box Park

This spot is quickly becoming one of Doha’s most grammable spots but also deserves to be mentioned as an excellent sunset viewing place.

The best views are from the second level so are your way up those stairs.The sunset hues enhance the colourful buildings and of course the sea makes for the perfect backdrop to the setting sun.

Google Maps Link:

Special mention for paid sunset spots

Banana Island

While Banana Island (operated by Anantara resorts) looks like a FABULOUS spot to spend a few nights, I must confess that I have only ever done a day trip. With a day trip- depending on what offer they will have at the time of your visit- you pay a set fee which includes a return boat ride, food & beverage credit and maybe even a percentage off water activities. They also do spa treatments and run various packages throughout the year so I suggest you pursue their website before visiting. The sunset from here is INCREDIBLE and HELLO to those swings which enhance all the photos!

Google Maps Link:

Salwa Beach Resort

If you’ve followed me for a while on Instagram, you’ll know that I lived at this resort for a while hence why I know ALL the good sunset viewing spots at this property. If you’re taking the 50 minute drive out to Salwa Beach Resort, its worth planning your schedule around a wonderful sunset!

Google Maps Link:


One of the top rated restaurants in Doha both for food, aesthetics and view make Idam well wroth visiting. If you time your visit right (November- January), the sun can set behind the skyline making it a fabulous photo. But its still worth visiting at all times of year for one of the best afternoon tea options I have had in Qatar. The afternoon tea is a budget friendly option for visiting this fine dining restaurant and do check their Instagram for other specials they might be running.

Google Maps Link:

Dhow Boat Ride

One of the best ways to see Doha at sunset is actually by boat. You can walk along the corniche and approach any of the dhow boat operators. they usually charge per hour and what you pay depends on the number of people going and how good you are at bargaining!

Google Maps Link:

Doha is a small metropolis which covers several distinctive districts, each with their own unique personalities, so to see as much of the city as you possibly can during your stay, it’s a great idea to try to catch some sensational sunsets too. In this mess of a metropolis finding free places to get the best of that big blue sky is a hard feat. If you’re looking for some sunset moments to feast your eyes on then this list of free sunset spots in Doha will have you face to face with some of the best views in Qatar.

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Would you visit any of these free sunset spots in Doha, Qatar? Or have I just put them on your list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Kay October 19, 2022 at 9:14 pm

    I hope you know I’m writing all of these down!! Thank you as always for your fantastic recs! <3

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