13 thoughts on “A letter to my kindergarten students

    1. Well I need a tissue after that and not because of the crazy dust flying around! That was beautiful and so lovely to hear from the teacher’s perspective. I’m so nostalgic at the end of every class year, especially in this expat life as so many people are moving on. It sounds like your children have been lucky to have you and I am sure they will always remember you!

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  1. awww!! You know what? A lot of parents think that too of terrific teachers… I know that the teachers that have made a difference in my kids lives are very close to my heart! They’ll come for cuddles next year…


    1. Oh I am so glad to hear that… sometimes there is such a disconnection between parents and teachers ( especially when there is
      a language barrier between parents and teacher) and it is hard to know what they are feeling.

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  2. That was a real emotional read! You got me missing the families I left behind in my last job. I have the utmost respect and love for educators, and even more so for those who leave what they knew to teach abroad. I hope we’re in the same country when I have kids LOL!


  3. That got me all choked up. How lucky the kids were for having the chance to be in your classroom 🙂
    From a parent’s perspective, my son finishes his first year of school (pre-k) and his first year in Kuwait now, and I am afraid to make eye contact with his teacher, knowing that we both may end up in tears. Ironic how they start the year in tears, and the teachers and parents end it in tears.


  4. Other than the message which I can relate to, I must admit I really love the graphics too! Kindergarten kids are the most difficult to manage but the sweetest bunch a teacher can have. Making such an impact in the kid’s life is rewarding! ❤


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