Expat Panda is off again… Finally!

This was the scene in my classroom this afternoon:

I was dancing in the front of my empty classroom…

Then my assistant walked in…

And we both started dancing together!

All of this happy dancing was going on because I received my passport back!


After three months of being stuck in Kuwait, it means that this restless panda can finally travel again!

So in two weeks time:

And to be honest, I can’t promise that I will stay home next weekend either!! Yes the returning of the passport isn’t the end of the paperwork (I am still awaiting my Civil ID card) and I STILL don’t have a bank account (Yes, seriously) but it does mean that I can leave and enter the country freely and as you know I cannot sit still, so this is wonderful news.

I cannot wait to update the blog with some serious adventures and travel stories so stay tuned!!

If you aren’t also dancing by now, just do a few moves quietly…

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